PA System Tuning


Unfortunately, tuning a PA System is not as simple as turning the tuning pegs on a guitar. If it were, anyone would be able to do it. What is “IT” anyway?

We’ve all been in a room where the live sound gives you the impression that you are under water, or inside of a metal can. The experience is less than enjoyable. While our first instinct is to look at the sound engineer and question their technical ability to EQ properly, it might not be their fault. Making sure you are properly managing the acoustics in your room is imperative to maximizing the performance of your audio system and the listening experience of those in the room. By selecting the correct size, number and type of acoustic panels (yes, there are many different types of panels) we can neutralize the overpowering frequencies in your room. The difference that having proper acoustical treatments makes will amaze you.

3D Acoustic Modeling

Did you know that you can take a 3D picture of the way sound bounces around in a room, and that you can see what frequencies are doing that the most? This is 3D acoustic modeling, and it is an incredible mad science. At PureMix, we work with a certified acoustician with years of experience to map out your space in two different packages.

We offer a Core Level Analysis, and we offer a Comprehensive Level Analysis:

Core Level Analysis

In the Core Level Analysis we map out your space on 7 planes: 4 walls, the ceiling, the floor, and a stage. Using our speaker system design, or your current speaker system, we will project sound in bursts and take “pictures” of the sound. When this process is done, we will provide you with not only the proper type of acoustic panels, but also the number and placement of them to provide you with a great listening experience.

Premium Level Analysis

In the Premium Level Analysis we map out every single corner, angle, and plane of your space. Then we perform the same sound bursts on several different frequencies. The difference that having the exact mapping of your space makes in regards to the accuracy of the acoustical analysis is astounding. We can see exactly how the sound behaves over time. This information, quite literally, will tell us exactly which panels to get, how many to get, and exactly where to put them. You won’t believe your ears once the process is finished and the panels are in place.

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