Projection & Presentation

We know projection & presentation.

Projectors, Projection Screens, and TV’s

Our goal is to provide your worship services with the highest resolution projection and TV systems that we can. It is important to capture great video quality, and it is equally important to make sure that it is displayed with that same quality. When you are selecting a projector and a screen, it can get a little tricky. Things like ambient lighting and windows, and your current stage and room lighting need to be taken into account, as well as the size of your space. These factors, and many more, are what we know how to manage and overcome to provide you with the excellent picture quality, whether it’s on a TV or a projection screen, that you require.

Presentation Systems & Software

Almost everyone has heard of or used Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact, many churches are still using it every weekend for their presentation needs such as song lyrics and sermon notes. As awesome as PowerPoint is, there are limiting factors to it that are not allowing churches to maximize there creativity, their excellence, or their impact. Yes, presentation systems can make a difference in the impact you have. That’s why they don’t put 32″ standard definition TV’s at the SuperBowl. They have 32 foot LED screens to make their presentation pop!

ProPresenter is a very cost effective solution to break through those limitations. What you get with a single license will amaze you, and for that reason it is becoming one of the most common upgrades in churched across America. It truly is a lot of bang for the buck. You have a presentation software that is custom tailored to churches. You can easily import song lyrics, Bible verses, and if you wanted, you could even show a live twitter feed before the service to show what people are saying about the message or the worship from last week! It comes with many motion backgrounds for added impact, and much more to give your worship services an injection of creativity and flair that will help keep your congregation engaged and dialed in. Most importantly, it is unbelievably user friendly and easy to learn.

Distributed Presentation

Say you have several announcement slides or a video that you would like shown in the worship center and lobby before the service begins. Much like distributed video, distributed presentation is a way of connecting your congregation to the information that you want them to know no matter where they are in the church. Again, you would be pleasantly surprised by the impact that having a system like this can have in your church.

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