Our Company

“Creating Engaging Church Environments” is our ministry.
Our Company

Ministry First, Business Second

Since our company’s inception, we have we have always thrived when working with churches and ministries. This experience has given us a thorough understanding of the specialized AV needs presented by the wide variety of worship styles found in our church cultures today. While we are obviously a business, what makes us different is the fact that we always operate with the heart of a ministry. To us, it’s always the ministry first, business second.

Our goal is to treat every church as if it were our own. Because of this, we are focused on helping churches be good stewards of Kingdom resources as we work with them to find the most cost effective solutions possible, while fully meeting their AV needs.

Vision / Mission

Creating Engaging Church Environments

At PureMix, we believe it is our ministry to aid churches in presenting the gospel to an ever changing world. We do our very best to resource ministry based organizations with the technical tools that they need to get peoples attention, and present the Gospel message. That is what it is all about for our team.  It has been a true blessing to hear story after story of that vision becoming a reality.

With every ministry based organization that we partner with we strive to provide the best products, installation, service and support that we possibly can. When we leave an installation site, come out to service a product, wrap up a phone call or send an email we want our clients to know that they are valued and that they are in the best hands possible.

Why Us?

We are more than a business. This is our ministry.
We Understand Church AV

Church AV isnt just a hobby to us. It is our passion. Many of our team members serve as tech directors, worship pastors, or volunteers at their churches. We interact with equipment, budgets, and church boards regularly and understand how they come together. One of our top priorities is to listen to and understand the vision and need of each individual ministry. Each situation requires custom design and integration.

We Put Ministry First

Ministry first, business second. That has been a core value for PureMix from the very beginning.  Our entire staff is passionate equipping ministries and Christian organizations with next level quality and service. We want what is best for the church, not just what is best for PureMix.  We care about good stewardship of Kingdom resources. And to us, no church is too small, and no church is too big.  Every church deserves our full attention, no matter the size or style of worship.

On-going Service & Support

At PureMix, we treat every ministry as if it was our own. Truly, your dreams are our dream, and your goals are our goals. We look at ourselves as a ministry partner. A professional on-call Tech director. In church AV and customer service and interaction, we strive to be, and believe we are, the best in our field.

Our Team

Meet the team dedicated to your vision.
Troy Henry

Troy Henry

Owner / Manager

919.569.5113 x 22

Donna Henry

Owner / Administrator

919 569 5113

Robert Woessner

Robert Woessner

Customer Service Director

919 569 5113 ext. 25

Ray Hart

Ray Hart

Project Manager / System Designer

919 569 5113 ext. 24

Andy Mercs

Purchasing Agent / Account Manager

919 569 5113 ext. 27

Jennifer Long


919 569 5113

Jasmin Kelly

New Business Director

919 569 5113

Jon Headley

Marketing Director / Consultant

919.569.5113 x28

Installation Crew

Greg Hoyle

Lead Installer

Don Rice

Lead Installer

Phil Johnson

Lead Installer

Eric Myers

Eric Myers

Studio Engineer / Technician

919 569 5113

Jakob Daniely

Jakob Daniely

Contract Engineer / Technician

919 569 5113

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