Training Classes

Let us help equip you and your team to be better stewards of your gear.

Training Classes

People are intimidated by what they do not know. Especially when what they do not know has tons of lights, flashing buttons, and is quite expensive. One of our goals as a company is to empower people with the knowledge and skills that they need to use those lights and push those buttons correctly and without fear in order to make a difference for the Kingdom. We offer a wide range of training classes covering all of the bases in Church AV systems. Our classes include:

  • Audio Engineering
  • Operating Digital Consoles
  • Operating Video Cameras
  • Switching Systems
  • Operating Presentation Systems
  • Operating Stage Lighting Systems
  • Video Editing
  • Building Modern Stage Sets

So, if you, your staff, or your volunteers are looking to become better quipped to steward over your technical resources, click here to view, and register for our upcoming training classes!

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    Audio EngineeringDigital ConsolesVideo CamerasVideo SwitchersPresentation SystemsLighting SystemsVideo Editing


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