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Video capture

There are so many ways to watch a video in todays market. Choosing the one(s) that is best for your worship center, and then having the appropriate equipment to ensure the best quality of playback is important. We know that. With that in mind we work to find the best solution for all of your church’s video capturing needs. We can provide your church the proper cameras, video switchers, and even the robots and remotes that can control them to capture great quality video. We’ll even teach you how to use it!

Streaming and Broadcast

Whether you have a live online feed or a TV broadcast of your service, we can help to make sure that your system is producing the best quality for all the various outputs. Many churches are beginning online campuses to better serve a broader range of potential congregants. We want your system to work consistently and with excellent quality so you never have to worry about your feed going down and people missing the Good News.

IMAG (Image Magnification)

In worship centers where the people on the back few rows can no longer clearly see the pastors facial expression there is a point of disconnect. Image magnification is the point of reconnect. IMAG is all about your congregation being able to connect with those on stage leading your worship services. Having a great IMAG system will allow your congregation to see the facial expressions of the teaching pastor, and the worship team during the service, which will allow them to connect with the emotions that are being conveyed from the platform.

Distributed Video

Many churches have begun integrating distributed video systems as a means of connecting their people, wherever they are in the church, to what is happening in the worship center. We can run the video that you’re capturing in the worship center to anywhere in your church. Putting displays in the lobby, by the resource center, and, yes, even in the bathroom is a great way of ensuring that your congregation never misses a beat!

Video Design

Customized to your space and needs.
Why Design?

While video is a very useful tool, it can be very difficult to put together. Making sure that your signal is broadcast to all the right locations can be complicated. We design your system from top to bottom so that no piece is missed. We want to see the entire thing laid out on paper before we install a single piece. Video can be a pricey endeavor so missing a piece could be costly later. Designing saves both time and money.

The Process

Once we know the entire scope of what you are wanting to accomplish, we can do detailed schematics of your whole system. We do custom drawings show every single piece that will go into your system. If signal needs to be distributed to different locations in the building, that is drawn in as well. We thoroughly go through the drawings and make sure everything is accounted for.


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