Design Provides the Answers.
Importance of Custom Design

There is no one answer or solution that fixes every space that you walk into. So to provide a boxed answer when custom solutions are needed is not the right approach. Every unique room, worship center, team and budget needs that unique attention and solution.

At PureMix we seek to provide that unique solution that fits your particular need. And we believe that design provides the answers to your questions in the most powerful way. We take the time to provide a thorough plan that best fits the needs and desires that you as a church present to us. Custom fit to your space requirements.

The Process of Design

After our initial visit and introductions have been done, PureMix does our very best to get budget ranges to you so that it can be discussed amongst your team. Based on the basics of your space and an initial consultation, we can get a broad idea of your needs and how to address them. This gives you a starting point.

Once you choose us as the company of record, the fun begins. We set up a thorough site inspection to gather pictures, measurements and start putting together a scope of work for your project. We then begin the process of thorough investigation and product selection. We can then give you a firm number for equipment and labor.

While we can do a lot from our depth of experience, we do suggest, on most occasions, going deeper into design.

Acoustical design, Speaker Design, Lighting Design and Video System Design are all real processes where we can get an accurate picture of your particular environment and how to best utilize the space. You can learn more about those processes on our website.


Putting it all together.

When a good system design is done, the process of putting it all together becomes an easy one. When all the answers are there, it is just a matter of putting it together. This may at times be the slower way to do things, but we feel it is the right way. We want to make sure that everything works together and gives you results that surpass your expectations.

Our Designers

We work with some of the best in the industry to craft custom designs for us. Because of the relationships we have built, we are able to provide high quality, in depth designs at some of the most reasonable prices you will fine. Our designers have been working in the industry for years and have the credentials to back up their words. As well as working direct with manufacturers, we can get right down to the exact product that is going to serve you the best.

Meet Some of Our Team HERE

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