Our Process

Start to Finish, let Puremix be your one stop shop for all of your AV wants and needs.

Advantage of One Company for the Entire Process

PureMix is not just an audio company. We are a full system integration company. What does that mean? We can provide all aspects of your technical needs from audio to video and lighting. We make all these systems work together to provide you with the best results possible.  We know how to figure out exactly what you need, and how to properly implement it. This is what you get with an integration company – a group of systems that play nicely together.

When you contract with PureMix, you have one phone number to all to get your entire job done.  You can call us for anything and everything system design related, and when you call us you will actually talk to a real person with real experience that will help you find a real answer.

Project Management

Our Project Manager is closely involved throughout the installation process to ensure timely and successful completion of your project. He is the point person to work with and communicate with your church , contractors, architects and facility managers so that you have a single point of contact for the duration of the install.

The Process:

1 / Design

We believe that good design answers the questions that are being posed. No one product serves all purposes. We work together with you to provide the right products at the right price that fit the needs of your unique space and situation.


2 / Installation

At this point in the process our team of skilled technicians are on site installing the equipment in a neat and timely fashion. When we walk away, your space is neat and finished and ready for service.

3 / Integration

Integration is the process of making sure it all works together. We make sure that the video distribution has sound.  We also make sure that the stage lighting is not going to cause your projection to wash out, and that there is nothing causing a hum to come through your sound system.

4 / Training

Beyond installing well designed AV systems, the training that we will provide you after it is installed is the equivalent of teaching a man to fish, and not just catching it for him. When we are done with the training process, you and your team will be prepared to take your AV experiences to the next level.

5 / Support & Service

When we are finished with the design, installation, integration and training, we are still not done. We provide a year of ongoing support and service to ensure that your expertly designed system continues to operate at its full potential.

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