Making sure the message is heard.
Inside Worship Center

To spread the Good News, people need to be able to hear you. Having the right sound system for the job makes sure that you are not only heard, but heard clearly. Getting the right combination of speakers, amps, subs and console is very important to clarity and functionality. We want to make sure that no matter where someone sits in your room, they can hear the message clearly.

Audio Recording

Whether you are saving messages for archiving, or selling message CDs or even broadcasting on the radio, we can help you record your messages and have them available for your different needs. There are many different ways to capture that audio. We can help you establish the best system for you and how you will use it.

Distributed Audio

Have you ever stepped out the the worship center and into the lobby, or walked the halls of your church and wished that you could still hear the worship and the teaching? We can help you with that. An audio distribution systems makes the message accessible even when someone steps out of your main worship space.

Audio for Video

Do you have a live webstream or do video recording? You may find that the mixed audio for your main worship center doesn’t sound very good when you watch back a video or watch online. Distributing audio to your video systems can be tricky, but we can help you not, only with the right equipment but also with training to get the job done effectively.

Audio Design

Customized to your space and needs.
Why Design?

Sound Systems are not rocket science. However, making sure that they function properly and safely can be. We design the proper Sound System for your worship center. We know the  technical considerations to ensure that the system that is installed is the best one for your specific worship center.

The Process

Here at PureMix, we actually use a system design software that allows us to mathematically calculate the best solution for you based upon your room. With a good system design, we can map your space to determine the best audio pattern and the correct speaker to give you the best coverage for your room. Many speakers exist out there, but we want the right option for your space.


We offer some of the best options for audio quality.
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