Don’t underestimate the effect proper lighting can have on a congregation.
The Importance of Great Lighting

It is easy to underestimate the effect that great, or bad Stage and Architectural lighting can have on your congregation. Too bright, too dark, or color temperatures that don’t match can all be major distractions within your worship celebrations – no matter how well crafted and executed they are. We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to design and install great lighting systems for you.

Architectural Lighting

The goal of architectural lighting is to be bright and well lit, while also remaining aesthetically pleasing. We work with architects and contractors to make sure that your worship center supports the worship experience. Our systems integrate the control of the “house lighting” with the stage lighting controls to ensure seamless transitions and great worship experiences.

Theatrical / Stage Lighting

Our team of professionals understand how to design and install a lighting system that connects those on the stage with those in the congregation. We strive to design systems that provide color, depth and character to your worship celebrations. The end result is a well thought out, planned and installed stage lighting system that enhances your worship celebrations.

Lighting for Video

If you are doing IMAG, video distribution or recording of any sort, lighting plays an important roll into your video system. Having the proper lighting can even effect the cost of your video equipment. If there is enough lighting done correctly on your stage, you may be able to use less powerful camera that still get great image quality. Poor lighting can really cause poor video quality even if you have very expensive high quality cameras.

Lighting Design

Customized to your space and needs.
Why Design?

Without a proper layout of your lighting, you may not be getting the coverage that you need. You will have dark spots on your stage. Not only will this be poor for video quality, but it will also cause disconnects from your stage to the room. Getting a well planned design will give you the proper light for the job. The design will tell you what light to use, where you place it and how to aim it. All important factors to making sure you can be seen.

The Process

We work with award winning lighting designers who really know how to get functional lighting but fun experience lighting as well. We take the layout of your room and create 3D models of your space with the lighting laid out. Based on your needs and desires, that plan is then implemented to give you a custom well lit space.


We offer some of the best options for audio quality.
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